About Page

Hi and welcome to Challenge Your Fitness! I’m Hayley and I’m new to the blogging game. I decided to create a blog where people can support one another in reaching new levels of fitness. A sort of accountability group, if you like.

As a personal trainer, I want to support people in finding ways of becoming fitter and healthier. To do this I will be providing a variety of options including online training and meal planning. This is separate from the blog and group which is open to everyone, regardless of whether they train with me or not!

Challenge Your Fitness is all about pushing past your limits. This can be mentally, physically and emotionally, through new experiences to new heights. Whatever your current level of fitness, you can challenge yourself to overcome those obstacles that are forever holding you back.

The goal that I am focused on at the moment is a Spartan Super race. This will be my first Spartan. I completed Tough Mudder in 2013 but few races since. However, I tend to get a little ahead of myself at times and I am already eyeing up the Spartan Trifecta.

Another of my goals in the not-too-distant future is to complete an Ironman event. Currently, my biggest obstacle is becoming confident on a road-bike. I’ve always been fine on a mountain bike but a roadie is a whole different kettle of fish. This is something that I’m going to tackle head on, as of now! I think it’s best to spend more time on your weakest links. I’m also not a natural born runner (if there is such a thing), so I have started a haphazard running schedule (as in, when life allows). This is going to become more regular and I am determined to ENJOY running!

This year I am challenging myself with a career change, new races and becoming a lot fitter than I have ever been before. I hope that you will share your journey here too.